What To Pack

Some recommendations regarding what to pack when traveling to South Africa.


The following is suggested:

  • Personal Toiletries
  • Prescription and Personal medication
  • Chapstick / Lip balm.
  • Odourless sunblock with a minimum SPF of 20.
  • A good hat.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Three sets of hunting clothes.
    We recommend dark colours such as camouflage and olive greens. Some of the bushes on the concessions have thorns so we suggest a thicker tear resistant range of clothing.
  • Two outfits for relaxing around the campfire.
    We do offer laundry service, so there is no need to bring too much clothing.
  • A warm jacket as it gets cold during winter evenings
  • Gloves and a scarf
  • Two pairs of well-worn, comfortable walking boots with thick socks
  • A good camera and enough memory sticks (please ensure your camera charger takes 220V)
  • Binoculars and Harness
  • If you are so inclined to keep a diary of your hunting exploits, bring it along.
  • We make use of 220 V electrical power supply so, if necessary, please remember your converter.


  • Make 5x colour copies of your passport and other important documentation (e.g. US Customs Form 4457). Have one copy in different places in your luggage, for example, one in your rifle case, camera bag, carry-on luggage – this will assist tremendously in the unlikely and unfortunate event of you losing your passport while travelling in South Africa.
  • Have a name tag on each piece of luggage so it can be traced in the event your luggage ends up in different places. Please add Kemp African Safaris’ contact details on the name tag so the local authorities have a local contact they can reach. Specify that this is the contact details in South Africa.
  • Have at least one extra set of clothing in your carry-on in the event your bags end up temporarily misplaced. This will allow you at least a day’s clean clothing while your luggage is located.
  • Have a toothbrush and personal and prescribed medication in your carry-on for the same reasons. Traveling with an additional prescription from your doctor is also a good idea.

Lastly, some of the question which are most frequently asked, have been answered on the FAQ page. If any of the information is unclear or if we can provide you with a more detailed explanation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Additional  Information

We offer some information which we consider essential to planning your safari.

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