Rifle Calibers

The golden rule: use the caliber you are most comfortable with, while ensuring that you meet the minimum requirements of South African Hunting Regulations.


Should you want to bring your own rifle, we suggest that you bring the rifle(s) you are most comfortable with. It is important to spend time on the shooting range before your African hunt commences. You will sight-in your rifles prior to commencing the hunt. However, you must be familiar with your rifle.

As per hunting regulations in South Africa, any dangerous game hunting (elephant, lion, hippopotamus, leopard, buffalo, rhino) must be done with a minimum calibre of .375. This calibre is one of the most versatile, and with the right ammunition can be used to harvest plains game as well. We recommend using a common caliber for plains game species. Your average shot of safari will be between 100-300 yards, bearing this in mind, no super-fast shooting calibres are recommended.

Please also bear in mind that, according to South African law, it is prohibited to bring a semi-automatic firearm into the country. You are also limited to bringing 200 rounds of ammunition per calibre into the country. Remember the cleaning equipment.

We recommend using the following ammunition: Barnes TSX, Woodleigh, Swift A-frame and Hornady. We also recommend a good quality scope with clear glass for hunting plains game. A variable scope of 3-9 power should be sufficient.

Kemp African Safaris also has a wide variety of rifles in different calibers that are available for clients to rent. Please contact us for more information.



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