Testimonials of clients who have hunted with Kemp African Safaris.

“I had the pleasure of hunting with one or the few PHs that I can count on One hand. In the fact that I have made many Safaris over the years and hunted with on 30 plus professionals. He not only is a great Hunter but also a gentleman. Taking the time with his clients to educate them about the fauna and flora and most importantly the game and area hunted. He over sees all of the operation and handles all the logistics of the Safari with pride. He handles himself very well in a sticky situation as I encountered with an old MEAN Buffalo. Everything is in order, from meet and greet to the final delivery of the trophies“

David Tuttle, U.S.A.

“I have hunted Plains Game several times over the past 5 years and wanted to experience another piece of the true African hunting experience. Buffalo was on the top of my list and getting the opportunity to hunt this magnificent animal was an experience I will never forget. I truly enjoyed the spot and stalk through the dense brush, and the slow silent stalking to within close range of the buffalo. Your knowledge and skill of hunting these true beasts was very impressive and a great learning opportunity for me. Thank you for being patient and teaching me how to judge a mature bull. I still think about each stalk, whether successful or not, they are all still clear in my mind…What a way to end the day, two fantastic buffalo on the ground and best of all, you were able to get pictures of the two buffalo together with Perry and I for a picture of a life time. Dawie, I want to thank you for this great experience and comradery. “

Scott Fairchild, Monclova, Ohio, U.S.A.

“I have been extremely impressed by Dawie’s professional and personal performance as a PH. I have the deepest respect for Dawie’s personal honesty and integrity, with game and with money, and for his hunting ethics, and I consider him a friend in which hunting skills and safety I will trust again for both dangerous and plains game. The fact that he owns and manages very well animals of outstanding trophy quality certainly comes as a plus.”

Pascal Berlioux, Arizona, USA

“I have hunted with Dawie numerous times over the past many years and every adventure has been unbelieveable. We have had more than our share of danger and every time I have been impressed at Dawie’s calm and professional manner. I have had the good fortune to hunt all across the globe and there is no one that I would rather have as a PH than Dawie Kemp. We have hunted lion (within 6 feet on film), leopard (came within 2 feet of us to smell us hiding in the grass) hippos, crocs, several buffalo and more plains game animals than imaginable and put tons of food in villages and food banks across Africa. We have hunted several countries and, in every adventure, Dawie has been amazing.”

Dr. Garry, USA

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We offer some add-ons to our safari packages into South Africa for the hunter and non-hunter alike,
including wing shooting, photographic excursions, fishing and world class golfing.

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