When are the best times for a safari?

The more temperate conditions of a South African winter make it the ideal time to enjoy a hunting safari.

When people think about the African continent, many hunters imagine sun-drenched landscapes, with blistering red sand and sweltering heat. This is the case when visiting during the summer months. Rains render the bush lush and thick. This is very pleasing to the eye, but these are less than ideal conditions for a hunting safari. Therefore, the general consensus is that the best time for a hunting safari in South Africa is during the winter months.

South African winters, stretching from late April to mid-August, usually mean milder temperatures during the day with frosty nights and mornings. The vegetation dries out, which makes it easier to track and navigate, the water sources decline which forces wildlife to coverage around what resources remain.

 During the South African winters early mornings are crisp and cool but warm up during the later morning. Mid-days are sunny and warm but start cooling down from late afternoon and can range a great deal, so it is recommended that you pack to dress in layers each day.

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