Plains Game Hunting

Our Plains Game Hunting Packages are our most popular hunting services.

Plains Game Hunting is popular primarily due to its affordability.

Another reason is because South Africa has the largest plains game populations and species variety in all of Africa. Kemp African Safaris offers both rifle and bow hunting for these species. The abundance and diversity on offer is incredible, and this makes it an absolute paradise for hunters. This affords hunters from all over the world, with different levels of hunting experience the chance at a unique hunting safari. The following plains game animals are most commonly pursued: Impala, Blesbuck, Greater Kudu, Blue Wildebeest and Warthog.

Different hunting techniques are employed when hunting plains game, ranging from walk-and-stalk to hunting from a blind or trees-stand, depending on the preference of the hunter. However, if a hunter has medical or health issues we hunt according to those abilities.

Collecting most of the plains game species can occupy several safaris. Many hunters will often be satisfied with taking a selection of plains game and never move on to the pursuit of dangerous game.

Specialty quests have evolved within the plains game arena. Some of these quests include the spiral horned antelopes of Africa, the South Africa spiral horned slam, the tiny ten small antelopes, the small cats of Africa and others. Organizations such as SCI offer awards and recognition for hunters that achieve these hunting milestones.

Plains game hunting in South Africa also provides a great opportunity to bring along your family and/or friends to share in your adventure. Even non-hunters can enjoy a week or two in the African bushveld.

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